Black fungus And all the Colours.


Times are now in what we might call a confused dilemma. Especially in India its Dante's Divine comedy, as it gets deeper its darker and blowing. As the current Covid situation is escalating in India at higher stakes, there is no decrease in the growth rate of other complementary viruses.
Black fungus now popping up in different parts of the country along with variants like White and Yellow fungus is something to be known and aware about.

Black Fungus

What is Black Fungus?

The term itself generates fear and awe in people who are hearing it for the first time. Hearing something like the Black Plague and all. It's commonly known as Black fungus and the medical terminology is mucormycosis. Mucormycosis is an aggressive fungal infection that affects sinuses, cheekbones and eye. The most concerned risk factor of this fungal infection is that it is a huge risk for diabetes patients and it is one of the reasons why it is considered a risk in India. By the second week of January, nine cases of this rare phenomenon have been reported all around the world. And afterwards cases began coming up in different states of India like Kerala, Telangan, Rajasthan, etc. And through all these, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) made mucormycosis as an epidemic and all diagnoses, case reports, and analysis were to be reported by all states.
All the symptoms and effects of this aggressive infection are shown and are high risk in Covid recovered persons and diabetic people. These infections are popping up even after two weeks of recovery. Mucormycosis is an infection that is born from the mucorales family. This fungus is to be present everywhere around us and hyenine is a major factor for it spread and also decrease and die. The fungus spreads or comes in contact with our system through inhalation of its pores through the air or if it enters through a cut or a burn. It affects the lungs and sinuses and if the person is Covid positive along with it; it is easy for the fungus to spread as the steroids and sugar used in suppressing Covid helps to do so. This is also the risk factor in diabetic patients as well. It also affects our sinuses along with our brain and eye. When affected with the eye, the patient would have to go through eye disembowelment as part of the treatment.
Blurry vision and chest pain are some symptoms of Mucormycosis while the major symptoms are black discharge along or without blood and swelling and pain on the nose or cheek. People with heart disease, cancer or anything related to Kidney and Diabetes are likely to be the ones at most risk are to be taken care of. Being hygiene and keeping our surroundings clean are ways to protect ourselves from this virus. Our Covid protocols for self-precautions are all we need to no let it be on our system like at least basic self-hygiene and wearing masks and gloves when going out and if you are in a dusty place and also while handling soil or anything that the fungus could use as a host.
Academy Award in 1927
History of Black Fungus

Where does Black Fungus come from?
According to an article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the fungi that is the base root of mucormycosis or Black fungus known as Mucormycetes are present all around us in the environment. In soils and organic decays and we find it more in Soil than in the air. These Fungi are present in the composite from dry leaves or animal dung.
So, with all this information it is for sure that it is easy for it to spread in India as there are areas of farmers who are dealing with these things all day.
Often everyone comes in contact with these mycormycetes and this affects not everyone.

white and Yellow Variations and how is it different
Variations of Fungi
Variations of Fungi
The Mycormycetes that cause Black fungus are of different types. All these fungi are from the Mucorales family in scientific order.
Rhizopus Species
Mucor Species
Rhizomucor Species,
Synsephalastrum Species
Cunninghamella bertholletia
Apophysomyces are some variations.

The white and Yellow Variations and how is it different.

  • White Fungus
  • As mucormycosis is considered an epidemic in most areas, a different fungus Candidiasis commonly known as white fungus is tested to be positive. Candidiasis or White fungus is also an aggressive fungal infection and is even more dangerous than its predecessor. It can affect mostly any parts of our body but mainly heart, bloodstreams and our brain. It comes in contact with our system when these fungal spores enter our system through air or directly contamination through cuts or scrapes in our skin. As we give covid patients oxygen support, these masks and oxygen tanks should be cleaned and sanitized before and after used to stop its spread. It is as risk as the Black one in terms of spread as it is also a risk for diabetic and covid patients.
  • Yellow Fungus
  • Commonly Known as Yellow fungus, the fungi is Mucor Septicus is also an infectious fungus that spreads so fast and is considered even deadlier than the Black and White fungus. The difference between the white and yellow fungus is that the black and white fungus starts its infections and process through external implications on the face while the Yellow fungus releases its attacks on internal parts of the body. This makes it deadlier. After all, these are all variations of what might be a future, we can see. It is we who should take care of ourselves and what surrounds us. Take care and be aware.
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