We are a team of eccentric creators based in Calicut, may it be brands, global campaigns, designs, adverts or social media marketing. We are there at your needs to do it in the most fun, Creative and class way.
Brand strategy and design

A strategy for design and branding is an area of major market research, exploration of the product or service, consumer study and knowledge of the competitor. Our team of esteemed professionals helps you in finding the best strategies and creating the perfect corporate brands you can get.


It's an art of telling stories, expressing ideas and convincing facts. It requires great creativity, design and communication, which we at Konzepta media are capable of in a great deal. For us to get people talking about your product or service is not an effortless task, but a fun one.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays digital medium is a huge platform, and marketing through it can influence customers on a global scale. But only by doing it efficiently, using strategies that form the core of any brand or organization. Promoting your products and services to the specified type.

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Creative Wall

Konzepta Media, We do everything from branding to advertising to marketing. We are the best advertising agency in Calicut, Anything that requires brainstorming or strategizing. With years of experience under our belt and few of the industry experts on our side, we have the perfect to produce results.
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