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Swipe, click, Like and share. That is the basic mantra of most of our generation. Well, What's happening around us is all based on virtual stigma. A need to express socially even if without genuine identities are like a pandemic that's been hold of our generation for a long time even before Covid.
Clubhouse, the next big thing is here. Now and then a few innovative ideas come into life which exceed expectations and perspectives. Clubhouse, notably one of A list social media platforms right now is on a striking run right now. First released on Ios in the U. S right now with its latest beta version in android released is in an enormous boom in subscribers and is looking forward to more. Let's get where it came from and what is this new trend.


What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a drop in audio only social media platform. Here users can take part, host and be a listener in exciting topics and groups. It's actually same as a Zoom conference or a casual conference call, but can only a platform where only audio chats are in value. No texts, gif, videos or even photos cannot go through Clubhouse as it doesn't allow any.
As it's an exciting and innovative idea in a world here users are fed up of the existing and cliche ideas, it is in fact like rain in a drought for most people and this is the reason that a cluster of users are coming into it.
A space for sharing contents and perspectives without having to share personal info is an actual need in the current socio virtual world. As we are prey to lots of unwanted criticisms and questioning it is a great idea that came forward.
Here, the rules are simple. Discuss what matters to you and take part in listening to what matters to you. We can follow important topics that apply to us and can follow the people we aspire to or learn from. A place to connect with like-minded people without having to put up with unwanted objectives and barriers is what clubhouse offers. It is like connection on a higher level as debates take place along with music stations and information sharing clubs. Online forums and protests along with master classes and also reunions of old mates are taking place in this app right now and this nothing but the best example of showing this application reach and user spread. In Android the application is still in its Beta version and the team is expected to release the full version within this Year. Now users can only join the app with an invitation from an existing user and still it's spreading like wildfire. Right now on Ios users can link their Instagram and Twitter to their clubhouse account whereas in Android it is not possible as it still in its Beta version.
Right now, on the App unauthorized screen recording or screen sharing is not available on the app and when done the user gets a warning notification about suspension of the account if done once more.

What is inside Clubhouse?
Clubhouse has an easy yet new UI design which is easily understandable for a casual user of social media platforms. The Page is fresh and everything is easily accessible. The top left corner comprises a search bar where we can search for the people and clubs, we are interested in. Then comes the invite option, an icon of an open mail where we can invite people from our contacts to this platform. Followed by a calendar icon which one click takes us to a page where all our scheduled and upcoming meetings are shown and can be notified and marked. Then the notification shade and at last on the top bar to the right our profile, where we are able your update our bio and profile picture as this is the page where other users can find limited info about us.
On the main home page at the bottom there is an icon showing for starting a new room and three options are available like:
Inception of Clubhouse

1. Open
- Where we are able to open up a chatroom regarding any topic we desire and people from all over the world can find their way into it. This allows an enormous growth in audience for our ideas and perspectives.
2. Social
- This is a space for people who you are social with, for example, the people who you follow and vice versa.
3. Closed
-As the name suggest it is a closed group for the members you add on to it.
Well, this is what there is to know about the application technically for an average or moderate user and what comes next and what you make out of it is in your hands.

Inception of Clubhouse

Like everything else the inception of clubhouse began with an idea for a social media start-up by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth and began like one in the Fall of 2019. Both these entrepreneurs were innovators who had previous ideas but were not in light of long. Together on a new venture, they brought something more out of the ideas they had. Originally made as a podcast app It was known as Talk show and was then rebranded to Clubhouse and as released to iOS in March 2020. from Silicon Valley, after receiving funds from several investors’ clubhouse was valued at about a 100 million dollars and by the end of April 2021 Clubhouse is estimated at 4 billion in funding.
By December 2020 around 6,00,000 users were found on clubhouse mostly because of the covid pandemic and with its Android release in 2021 it is in a huge strive up in membership. Still countries like China have banned the use of the app but still its popular in countries that are clubhouse friendly.
Drop-in Voice

What may affect us Users?

Right now, with all its positive sides and praising there are some downsides to the application too. When a huge majority of people with all thoughts and politics on it there are possibilities of being bullied and harassed too. People could be verbally abused and there is no way of showing any evidence in it too. This is just an assumption and I'm sure that the development team has considered this during its birth. But people have talked about such things in the past few days and it is a matter of concern. When talking about unreal profiles which are fake, we will not be able to point fingers at someone without direct evidence?
Well affecting is not always in a negative way. More positive sides were explained by users in the same platform like decrease of their usual phone screen time including getting to know a lot more like-minded people and information. Well, whatever when coming to a start or an inception, there are always barriers and problems to be faced. With time, the consumer ship will be refined and staler and will come to the point what the developers intended. It takes time and will be refined.
In my personal experience of the app it is for sure that this innovative and fresh app could make a change in the existing Virtual socio politics. People will talk. Oppressions will be fought and new and fun things that could change the world will be discussed.
Well huge shout to the whole team for ringing up something like this and Kudos for more innovative ideas.
We are ready to be trapped in peace.
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